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Teachers are always in search of new and unique ways to make the process of learning more enjoyable and interactive for the students. If the learning process remains same, students will obviously feel bored and be less interested in learning new things.

The process of learning has never been so advanced, thanks to the influence of the internet and technology that we have on everything around us. If you are a teacher and if you are in search for a new way to make the process of learning more enjoyable for your students, then you should definitely check out the Quizlet Live game.

So, you may have come across many online game and materials which try to combine technology and learning. The issue with most of these online sources is that it does not make studying any less boring than it already is. And this is the very issue that the Quizlet Live application tries to solve.

The Quizlet Live game tries to bring in the fun element to the learning process and at the same time make the process of learning more interactive. The game also helps in developing the co-ordination skills, hard skills, and soft skills in students which are very much important moving forward in a competitive society like the one we live in today.


Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a game for teachers who have been searching for ways to make their classes livelier and to increase the participation and interests of students in the classes. By integrating lessons with a game, students will be able to understand and memorize different topics easily and not by force.

Each game usually is about 15 minutes long, and incorporating game sessions multiple times a week will surely boost the eagerness of the students to study and prepare the topics taught in the class so as to have a better chance in winning the next quiz session.

Here are some of the key advantages of using the Quizlet Live game in your class:

  • You can create a mood of excitement among the students in the class.
  • As a teacher, you can view the progress of the entire class or even individual students after each game so that you can better prepare your future classes to give more preference to these students. This also helps teachers to understand if students are able to grasp all the topics taught in class or if a reformed teaching style is required.
  • If the Quizlet Live game sessions are repeated periodically after every big topic taught in the class, it becomes the best method to get your students to revise all the topics recently taught in the class and by throwing in the fun element of the game, the topics will be understood well by the students.
  • Quizlet Live is a team quiz game, it helps in developing communication skills, coordination skills of each student and also keeps the game from being boring as students compete as teams but not against each other.
  • The game sessions can also act as a motivation to weak students to give more time in preparing for the game and knowing that when required they can receive help from their team members.

Quizlet Create

Below are some techniques that as a teacher you can implement in your class before beginning the Quizlet Live game to make it more appealing and interesting for your students:

  1. You can make all teammates to sit together and give separate spaces for each team. This avoids the situation of individual teammates shouting over to their other teammates while playing the game and also makes coordination and communication easier for teammates.
  2. As a teacher, you will be able to see the progress of each team in the game in real-time, you can project the progress to the entire class thus creating a competitive sense in each team member.
  3. As every student is required an individual device (either a mobile, PC or tablet) in order to play the game, make sure that each student only interacts with their own devices and not with devices of other teammates. This is really important as in most cases there will be a teammate in every team who is well-versed or highly enthusiastic and may overtake the part of their teammates. This reduces the competency and interest of the weaker team members.
  4. After each game, if the students are willing to play the game again, make sure to re-shuffle the teams again so that each student gets to create better communication and coordination skill with every other student in the classroom.
  5. If possible, you can choose to reward the winning teams in every game by offering small gifts to the players. It will give a sense of accomplishment to the team and will also motivate all the students in the classroom to prepare well and compete in the future games.

Quizlet Features

  1. Students are not required to create an account in order to play the game.
  2. Different study sets to choose from so as to test all important skills and knowledge of your students.
  3. All the students in the classroom are randomly assigned to groups with an animal theme. If the randomly assigned teams are not good enough, teachers can choose to shuffle the team as many times as required.
  4. At least 4 students have to be present in order for the Quizlet Live game to be able to randomly assign the team and each student should have a computer, mobile or tablet with them in order to begin playing.
  5. Every question provided to a team has 12 possible answers that are spread across the devices of all the team members. The objective of the team members is to communicate the answers displayed on their screens and pick the correct answer of them all.
  6. All the teams in a single game and given the same question.
  7. Teachers can track the progress of each team in real-time.
  8. For each correct answer provided by a team, the team receives points and for every wrong answer provided, the team loses all of its points. Therefore, every member of a team is equally responsible for carrying the team to victory by making effective and fast communication and choosing the right answers.
  9. At the end of every game, teachers will be able to view a snapshot featuring the progress of all the teams in the game, thus allowing the teachers to easily analyze how well the students are familiar with the topic.

Quizlet Login

If you are interested in checking out how Quizlet Live works, then the below guide is all you need to get started with the Quizlet Live Classroom and Learning game.

  1. Quizlet Live is completely free for teachers and as a teacher, the first thing you have to do in order to get started with the Quizlet Live game is to Sign up or log in to your existing Quizlet account by clicking here.
  2. Now you need to create a study set with a minimum of six terms that are unique and have proper and unambiguous definitions. If any two terms have same definitions or name, the terms are automatically deleted.
  3. Select the “Live” option available on the Quizlet dashboard.
  4. If you are a free member, click on “Definitions and Terms” play style (as it is the only playstyle available for free members).
  5. Now select the “Create game” option. A 6-digit code will be displayed on your screen.
  6. Instruct all the students participating in the game to load “quizlet.live” website in the web browsers of their devices.
  7. Once the webpage opens up, ask them to enter the 6-digit code that you received in Step 5 above.
  8. After completing Step 7, they will enter the game. Ask them to enter their names.
  9. The teams will now be picked at random. If you wish to shuffle the teams again, select the “Shuffle teams” option.
  10. You can ask team members to sit together so that they can communicate faster.
  11. Click on the “Create game” option to begin the game.

Additional features for premium Quizlet Live members:

Even though the basic features and functionality of the Quizlet Live classroom and learning game are free for any teacher to use, teachers can also choose to upgrade to the premium Quizlet packages in order to access more features.

The premium Quizlet Live teacher membership is priced at $2.92 per month and is billed on a yearly basis as a single payment of $34.99. At the end of each year, the subscription is renewed automatically and can be canceled anytime.

Below are the features you get with the premium Quizlet Live teachers membership:

  • Ability to add voice clips and images of your own while creating study sets.
  • Ability to customize and set teams as per your wish.
  • All sorts of advertisements that appear in the free version of Quizlet Live classroom and learning game is removed.
  • Ability to enable “Audio Playback” feature for students so that they hear audio feedback while they are playing the game.
  • Once a team wins in any round of the game and the Quizlet Live application goes through the answers of each team to find the correct and incorrect answers, you can either choose to restart the same game with the same set or choose to end the game and begin a new game with a new set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Quizlet Live classroom and learning game.

  1. Why is the option to begin “Quizlet Live” game not visible to me?

If you have logged in to your Quizlet account and if you cannot find the option to begin the Quizlet Live game, it is most probably because that your account type is not listed as “Teacher”.

To mark your account as a teacher account, go to the Settings page and then make sure that the “Account Type” section is marked as “Teacher”.

  1. Why is it required to define six unique terms before starting the game?

All the questions asked of your students in a game are based on the game set selected by you before beginning the game. Therefore, it is important to create featuring at least six unique terms before beginning a game so as to make sure there are enough questions for the game to proceed.

Also, do note that any ambiguous terms with similar definitions provided by you will be automatically deleted by the game system so as to avoid any sort of confusions while processing questions.

Final Words

Quizlet Live classroom and learning game are one of the best and most advanced ways to create a fun-filled learning experience for your students. If you are a teacher, you should definitely check out the Quizlet Live application and if you like its features, then going with the premium subscription is completely worth it!

Hope you found this review on Quizlet Live classroom and learning game informative. If you are already using the Quizlet Live classroom and learning game, then do leave your experience with the application as comments below so as to help others get a better perspective of the game.


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